About Mega Trading Pro


About Mega Trading Pro

Mega Trading Pro is geared to the serious trading professional who is eager to take their craft to the next level. Mega Trading Pro was founded in 1985 and has grown and evolved from a group of floor based market makers in Chicago to a trading firm specializing in global futures, options, and US equities. We provide a comfortable, simple, and relaxed work environment. However, this casual setting should not be mistaken for an offhand approach to trading. Having been around for more than three decades, we understand the volatility of the markets and take risk management very seriously, resulting in a secure base that promotes productivity and an open atmosphere that promotes personal growth along with camaraderie and collaboration.

Built on integrity and transparency, Mega Trading Pro is an online investment platform focused on cryptocurrency and forex trading (currency pairs). Cryptocurrency and forex trading presents you with financial opportunities, more than you can imagine and we've created a platform to help you realize that imagination.

Why Choose Mega Trading Pro

We at Mega Trading Pro implements dozens of forex and cryptocurrencies spreads related to the latests and fastest market reflection criteria. The inflow of forex winnings provides a non-stop process for the company's earnings, which is evenly distributed among investors depending on the size of their deposits. We guarantee free registration in the system, stable profit accrual every hour, round-the-clock access to your user account and funds, automatic processing of all your transactions and, of course, instant withdrawals.

    With trained and experienced support staffs, all your queries are just one click away from getting answered. Our support team provides 24/7 support and assistance to customers.
    Earning has never been this easy. Whether you are making payments or making payouts or you are simply checking up on your investments, navigating the platform is seamless and easy.
    Using state-of-the art servers, we have guarded our servers with high-end SSL technology and the latest DDoS Guard to protect against attacks.
    With an array of payment methods provided by the platform, you get multiple options to make payments and receive payouts.

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Mega Trading Pro allows you to actively trade most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and more, profit from market rallies and declines, or hedge your existing cryptocurrency holdings.

Earn instant top-up everyday

On your initial cryptocurrency Investment with a minimum of 2.50% daily profit return and earn 200% of your investment after each investment cycle.

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